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This section details how to create and maintain task templates.

Introduction to task templates

A Tasks Template essentially acts as a checklist for a job.

This section deals only with setting up task templates by the system administrator.  Importing tasks from a task template into a Job and actions on those tasks are dealt with here:

Templates may be defined for either different Job Types and/or for different stages of a Job.

Task templates are not automatically imported into a Job when it is added.  It is necessary to import the relevant Task Templates into a new Job manually (see Importing a Task List to the Job), providing full control in determining which particular tasks are added to a Job.

  • Performing an Action is like running a menu item from the Job toolbar.  This can really make it easy for a user to do the task that is required.  Furthermore, it has the added benefit of being able to link the output you create from completing the task back into the task for future reference or review.
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