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    This section takes you through the process of creating a Letterpack.

    Creating a Letterpack

    1.    To create a new Letterpack, go to Manage Document Templates and select 'All Corporate' (or 'All Personal'), then Letterpacks:

    Manage Document Templates.png

    2.    Click 'New', then give the Letterpack a name.

    New Letterpack.png

    In this example, we are creating a pre-appointment Letterpack for the directors so we'll call it 'Pre-appointment Pack':

    Screen with Letterpack.png

    3.    In the lower panel, click the 'Linked Documents' tab:

    Linked Documents.png

    4.    Click the 'Add' button:

    Add Document Template.png

    5.    Select from ‘Job Type’ and ‘Category’.  In this case, as we are creating a pre-appointment instruction letterpack to send to the directors, so select ‘Creditors Voluntary Liquidation’ from ‘Job Type’ and ‘Corporate/General/Pre-Appointment’ from ‘Category’:

    Template Selection.png


    • S980020 – Company – letter of advice
    • S980010 – Pre-appointment information pack
    • S980016 – Pension tracing checklist

    6.    The screen should now look like this:

    Selected Documents.png


    A Letterpack is not just restricetd to 'Word' merge templates.  You can add other documents into the Letterpack, e.g., form HR1.  Select ‘Category’ as ‘Shared/Forms’ and ‘Job Type’ as ‘All Job Types’:

    Selecting HR1.png

    Click form HR1 to add it to the Letterpack:

    Selected HR1.png

    7.    When all the documents required have been selected, click OK.  The documents now appear in the ‘Linked Documents’ tab:

    Selected Documents - Linked.png

    8.    As the letter of advice to the company is the primary merge document, this document must be selected.  Click the checkbox against the ‘S980020 – Company – Letter of advice’ merge template:

    Selected documents - merge template.png


    You can add any number of documents to the Letterpack, but you may only select one document as the main merge template.  You will find that you can only select one.

    9.    Once the Letterpack is complete, the Manage Document Templates screen may be closed.  The Letterpack can now be accessed from within the relevant job type:

    Letterpack now available.png

    Configuring the datasource

    The document selected in step 8 above must be a merge document.  In other words, it must have a datasource selecting a subset of recipients, creditors, shareholders, etc, associated with it.

    If you select a document as the main document which does not have a datasourse, you will receive the following warning:

    Letterpack - not configured.png

    If you receive this warning, you should open the Datasource Options tab for the document template.  In the above example, the main document template is S980020 - Company - Letter of advice, so the Datasource should be to the 'Employees - Directors.

    Document not linked.png

    Click the This Datasource radio button and select the appropriate recipients.  In the above example, select 'Employees - Directors':

    Select merge.png