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This section explains how to produce a merged document from a Document Template.

Open a Document Template


You may only open Document templates that you yourself have created ('practice templates') from within the application.  The documents provided as part of the application ('system templates' cannot be amended.  If you wish to amend a system template, you may copy a system template and provide it with a new name, which will then be a practice template and, therefore, can be amended as required.

It is not recommended that Document Templates are amended outside of the application, as any changes to that system template may be overwritten during an update.

Open the Manage Document Templates screen.

1.    Select a Document Template Category.

In the Manage Document Templates screen, select the ‘+’ next to the General category.


Select Administrative Matters Following Appointment.



As the job type is a creditors’ voluntary liquidation, the CVL template type has been pre-selected.

2.    Open a Document Template.  Double-click on a Document Template to open it.  In this example, double-click on the CVL0010 - Agents – Instructions template.


3.    The General Letter template opens in Word.

Switch to Word to review the template.


4.    Return to the System.

Close the General Letter template in MS Word and return to the system.

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