Document Templates

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This section provides an overview of administering Document Templates.


The system produces standard letters as Microsoft Word documents based on pre-configured Word merge templates.

Using the system interface we will look at maintaining these templates using the Manage Document Templates screen.

We will also look at setting the Template Options including specifying the Job Types and specific operations of Document Templates.

Document Templates

When producing a Document Template from the Circulars & Mailing toolbar the follow occurs:

  • The system generates a merge data source (a list of recipients based on the user’s selection)
  • The Word template is opened
  • The system uses the Word “find and replace” function to find Replace Codes in the template and replace these fields with values relevant for the current job.
  • The system uses the standard Word merge functions to “link” Merge Fields with the merge data source.

We will look at how templates are managed within the system.


Manage Document Templates
Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.
Open a Document Template
This section explains how to produce a merged document from a Document Template.
Create a new Document Template
This section provides an overview of how to add a new Document Template.