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The Document Management ("DM") tab holds details of the documents produced by the system and saved in the DM folder for the job.  However, there may be occasions when you need to add files created outside of CCH Insolvency, or folders for specific purposes which do not need to be added to the default folder structure.  The following sections explain the various functions available.

The DM tab contains a button bar with three buttons:

  • Create folder button.png allows you to create a new folder to the Document Management structure for that job.
  • Open Explorer button.png opens the root Document Management folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Scan button.png performs a scan of the documents in the various DM folders and imports any documents not already in the DM for that job.

The first two functions are reasonably self-explanatory so we will first look at importing documents produced outside CCH Insolvency into the job's DM structure.

Importing documents

This section assumes that a document or documents have been produced without using the Document Production Wizard in CCH Insolvency.  These documents may have been sent to you via e-mail or produced by a different application, for example a PowerPoint presentation, images of a property or any other file type that CCH Insolvency does not produce.

These documents have been either saved in an existing folder within the DM folder structure for that job, or a new folder.


The documents must not have been saved in the root folder for that job.  Files saved in this location will not be imported.

1.    Click the Scan button.png button.  This will perform a scan of the documents in the various DM folders – but not the DM root folder - and add any new documents to the DM tab.

You will get a ‘confirm action’ dialog:

Confirm dialog.png

2.    Click OK.  A scan is performed and a second dialog is shown when the scan is finished:

Files imported.png

Click OK and you will be returned to the DM tab with the new files showing:

Folder view after import.png

3.    Click the ‘Folders’ tab on the left of the screen to restore the folder structure view of the DM.  Click the pin to keep the ‘Folders’ view open:

Pin folders.png

4.    You may find that new folders may not be initially shown in the ‘Folders’ view.  You can refresh the view by clicking the Folder collapse expand.png against the root folder twice, to collapse and expand the folder structure:

Folder structure.png

5.    Any new folders added will be shown.  Empty folders – new folders but containing no documents - will also be imported.

Create a new folder

If you wish to create a new DM folder in the job for a specific purpose, for instance, keeping Employment Tribunal documentation separate from other employee correspondence, the folder can be created from within the DM tab by clicking Create folder button.png.

1.    Select the 'parent' folder for the new folder.  If the new folder is to be a top-level folder, you may select the root folder for the job:

Select root folder.png

Alternatively, navigate to the folder that is to the 'parent' folder:

Select sub-folder folder.png

2.    Click Create folder button.png.

3.    A dialog box is displayed for entry of the new folder name:

New folder dialog.png

4.    Click OK.  The new folder is created in the DM folder structure (highlighted below):

New folder added.png

Open Windows Explorer

Clicking the Open Explorer button.png button simply opens an instance of Windows Explorer.  File operations usually permitted in Windows Explorer are now available.  Any files created or added here are not automatically added to the job's DM: you will have to add those files using the import process described above.

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