Creating Archive Boxes

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    You may need  to record details of financial or other records recovered from an insolvent entitiy.

    Once an archive box record has been created, you may wish to print out the contents or mark the box for destruction.

    Creating archive box records

    1.    Go to Add or Import data > Add Archive Box.


    2.    Add the details as follows:


    3.    Click [OK] when finished.

    4.    Review the Archive Box 1 in the Documents Tab.



    Reviewing archive boxes

    1.    Go to Reports and Forms > Document Reports > Archive Box Listing.

    2.    You may additionally select archive boxes scheduled for destruction between certain dates.

    3.    Click [Next] to view the report.


    You can run the Archive Listing Reports for all jobs by going to Practice > Practice Reports > Archive Box Listing.