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This section provides an overview of the various forms of note types available to both personal and corporate jobs.

Note types which pass information to the IP Record (Regulation 13 of the Insolvency Practitioners Regulations 2005) are identified .


Personal Info Fields - General 2.png

As the title would suggest, these fields hold general information relevant to the job.

A number of these items may be required to be completed as determined by the system administrator.  These field will be shown in red.


Personal Info Fields - Notes.png

File Note and General note types allow you to maintain notes pertinent to the job.

Reporting Notes

Personal Info Fields - Reporting Notes.png

Reporting notes allow you to add a note to a report, for instance, the 'Rec Pay Note' enables notes to be added to statutory receipts and payments.  Example wording is provided for each note type, which is expected to be changed for each individual job.

Notes may be added or updated by simply clicking in the note field:

Personal Info Fiields - Notes simple.png

or by clicking the ellipsis at the end of the field to expand the field for editing.

Personal Info Fields - Rec Pay Note.png

You will note that the above 'Rec Pay Notes' entry is a multi-line note.  When the note is closed, the note type will show the total lines in the note:

Personal Info Field - Multi-line.png

You may also include Replacefields in the body of the note text.

IP Record

Personal Info Fields - IP Record.png

 The date of Final Receipts and Payments should also be completed when the account is lodged.


Personal Info Fields - Outcome.png

Job Outcome and Job Outcome as at Date allow details of the expected outcome and timescale of the job to be recorded.


Personal Info Fields - Fees.png

The Time Billing Code is relevant only if you have WIP and Fees Integration implemented on your system.


If you do not have WIP and Fees Integration implemented on your system and wish to see what benefits this will have for your practice, please speak to your account manager.

For an overview of the WIP and Fees functionality, please see the various help pages starting here.

 Fees and Costs Record provides provides details of the basis of remuneration for the job and where time records are maintained:

Personal Info Fields - Fees Approval.png

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