Job Information Fields

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This section applies to CCH Insolvency v4.2 and subsequent versions.

Information specific to the job may be added Corporate > Corporate Info for corporate job types and Estate > Estate Info for personal job types.

All Job Information fields are represented by Replacefields and may be used in document production.

The various types of information that may be added are described below.

Corporate Information fields

You may display the Corporate Information Details may be viewed by selecting the Corporate > Corporate Info tab.

Corporate Info Fields - General.png

The General information fields are displayed first by default and are segregated into the following sections:

  • Mandatory
  • Highly Recommended
  • Recommended
  • Optional

Information fields which have no date assigned to them are shown in the 'Not Entered' section.

The section in which a particular information field appears is determined by the system administrator and set in Static Data.

By selecting one of the fields, the associated Replacefield is shown at the bottom of the panel:

Corporate Info Fields - Replacefield.png

The instructions as to how to enter a value into the field are dependent upon the type of data, e.g., text, date or a list of values. 

Estate Information fields

Similarly to the Corporate Information fields described above, you may display the Estate Information details by selecting the Estate > Estate Info​ tab.

Personal Info Fields - General.png

The types of information which may be displayed may, of course, be different to that displayed for corporate type jobs, for example, there will be no CDDA fields, but the sections shown will be the same.