Overview of Replacefields

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This section provides an overview of replacefields.

Overview of replacefields

Open a Document Template and review the underlying codes.

1.    Select Manage Document Templates (from the Main Menu, or the toolbar, Circulars and Mailing > Manage Document Templates).


2.    Set the Category drop-down to General (Corporate).


3.    Double-click on General Letter to open the Document Template in Word.

4.    Switch to MS Word to view the Document Template.

The General Letter Document template contains Replace Fields in the format:


When a document is produced from a Document Template, the system uses the Word “find and replace” function to find Replace Fields located in the Document Template and replace the fields with values for the current Job.

For example, if you are working on a Voluntary Administration called “Imminent Partners Limited”, the following table represents the data that would be returned in the Output Document:

Replace Field

Data returned



Imminent Partners Limited

The name of the Job


In Liquidation

Update the Job suffix in Corporate > Corporate Info



The VAT Registration Number – however, the company is not VAT registered.

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