Reviewing Document Properties and Lodgement Details

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    This section indicates how to review and set the document properties and lodgement details..

    Reviewing document properties and lodgement details

    1.    Go to the Documents panel and locate the file created earlier.


    2.    Right-click the file and select Document Properties.  You may complete the fields as shown below:


    This screen allows a record of who created, authorised and sent the document to be retained as part of the case administration records.


    The [Is Published] checkbox allows you to keep an additional record if the document was published to an on-line repository (e.g., the practice’s intranet).

    3.    Click on the Recipients tab to see the addresses to which the document was sent:



    The same information is in the Document Management screen as a pdf file.

    Click [Save and Exit] to leave this screen.

    4.    Again, right-click on the document and select [Add Lodgement Details].


    The following window appears:


    This screen is primarily used for recording details of when a particular document was filed.


    Certain lodgements are recorded on the IP Record and it is therefore imperative that this information be recorded correctly.  Please see Chapter 24 for more details.

    5.    Select [Save and Exit] to leave this screen.


    You can also drag and drop files into the Document tab area and that will begin the process to link the document.