Producing Creditors' Labels

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This section explains how to produce creditor labels from the system.

Producing creditors' labels

From time to time on a Job, it is necessary to produce a creditors listing and creditors labels.

1.    From the Standard toolbar, select Circulars & Mailing > Labels and Envelopes.

2.    Click [Labels 3 x 7], as shown below.


3.    In the dialog box that appears, ensure Quick Document Production and Create Envelopes and Labels are selected, and select Labels and Envelopes > Labels 3 x 7 from the drop-down.


Click [Next].

4.    The following window appears.  Click [All Creditors].

You should see all the creditors selected on the right hand side.




A subset of creditors – preferential, employees, secured, etc – may be selected at this point.  Click [Selected Creditor Class(es)] and use the checkboxes to filter the creditors.  Alternatively, one or more of the selected creditors may be selected/de-selected using the checkboxes on the right of this screen.

Click [Next].

5.    The next screen provides confirmation of the creditors marked for merging.  If the set of creditors is OK, click [Next] otherwise click [Back] to return and amend the selection.


In this example, we are happy these are the creditors for whom we wish to create labels, so click [Next].

6.    In the following screen, ensure [Output as Merged Document] is selected and then click [Preview].


This will open Microsoft Word and create a Merge Document.

At this point you can click [Print] but, in this exercise, we will disregard this and move on to the authorisation stage.  Click [Next].

7.    You may now request another user to either review and send or review and authorise the labels.  The process is the same as for authorisation of documents detailed above.

Click [Next]

If no recipients are selected, you will receive an ‘invalid input’ warning.  In these circumstances, this can be safely ignored.  Click [Continue].


Click [Finish] to leave the wizard.

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