Producing Documents

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    This section details the process involved in producing a document.

    Producing documents

    To produce a document from a Document Template, from the toolbar select Circulars & Mailing > General category > General Letter.

    The template process is illustrated as follows:


    • Depending upon the pre-configuration of a Document Template, the user defines the recipients of a merge document (Merge Template.doc) by selecting the Document Merge Options.
    • The system generates a merge data source (as a local data object).
    • When opening the Document Template (Merge a new Merge Document (Merge Template.doc) is created with a link to the merge data source.

    The Merge Codes (set up in the Document Template) are fields in the merge data source.

    • In some instances the system will save a copy of the new document in the Job’s lodgements directory (see document management).  This operation occurs for the statement of affairs, forms 4.68, 4.71 and 4.72, amongst others.
    • The system uses the MS Word “find and replace” function to find Replace Fields located in the MS Template and replace these fields with values relevant for the current Job.
    • Use the MS Word Merge utility in the Merge Document (Merge Template.doc) to create the Output Document (Output.doc).  The saved output document can then be added to document management.


    The merge data source of the Merge Document (Merge Template.doc) doesn’t persist after the document is closed.  The Merge Template.doc should not be saved.  Instead save the Output Document (Output.doc).