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This section deals with the processing of producing document templates.

Introduction to document templates

The system produces standard letters as Word documents based on pre-configured Word merge templates called Document Templates.

The system provides an interface to manage Document Templates including the ability to add, delete and import.

You may also configure Document Templates to be available for specified Job Types only.

Each Document Template is pre-configured to perform specific operations.  You must consider the configuration of specific operations when setting up new Document Templates.

This module is designed to provide an introduction to producing documents from Document Templates.

Maintaining Document Templates is discussed in the following sections.

  • This section details the process involved in producing a document.
  • This section explains how to produce creditor labels from the system.
  • Each Document Template that forms part of the system has pre-configured merge operations.  This section provides an overview of those options.
  • This section indicates how to review and set the document properties and lodgement details..
  • Document Merge Options determine the recipients for the Document Template.
  • This section provides an overview of replacefields.
  • Corporate Information entries may be added for each Job (Corporate > Corporate Info). All Corporate Information fields are represented by Replace Fields.
  • This section applies to CCH Insolvency v4.2 and subsequent versions. Information specific to the job may be added Corporate > Corporate Info for corporate job types and Estate > Estate Info for personal job types. All Job Information fields are represented by Replacefields and may be used in document production. The various types of information that may be added are described below.
  • This section provides an overview of merge codes.
  • When dealing with creditors, or when dealing on a Job in general, quite often you need to make file notes to record a conversation, a meeting or a to record observations about the Job
  • You may need  to record details of financial or other records recovered from an insolvent entitiy. Once an archive box record has been created, you may wish to print out the contents or mark the box for destruction.
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