Applying Document Management header style templates

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Applying Document Management header style templates


Each document template can be linked to a style template.

By linking a single style template to many document templates, you can change the style template and automatically update the styles for all linked templates (without having to change each template individually).

Applying a style to a document template

To apply a style to the document template:

  1. Click Manage Document Templates on the main menu

    The Document Template Register displays

Click on a document template

The document property forms displays.


  1. Click on the Style Template ellipsis
  2. Locate the style template
  3. Click OK

    The style is now applied to the document template.

Defining Document Styles

A style template defines the formatting of documents produced from a template.  Rather than using the styles from the source template, the following formatting will be applied from the style template:

  • List of available styles,
  • Fonts,
  • Page setup,
  • Page orientation,
  • Page margins.
  1. Editing a Microsoft Word document template

    To edit a document template right click on the template in Windows Explorer and select “Open”. Double-clicking the template in MS Explorer will create a document rather than editing the template.

    Headers and footers

    The text contained in the header and footer of the style template is populated in the output document. This allows you to place common references in the style template and have these populated in each document which has the style applied.

    Replace fields in the Style Template

    Replace fields in the style document templates will populate in the output document.

    Setting a different second page page headers, footers, page numbering and logo

    To set different second page headers footer and page numbering you will need to add a section break in the style template and a page break in the document template.

    In the style template

  2. Insert a section break
  3. Edit the header or footer
  4. Set the “Link to Previous” page setting to off
  5. Insert graphics, page numbering or replace / remove the header and footer contents.
  6. Exit the header / footer section and delete the section break.
  7. In the document template

  8. Insert a page break

Section breaks in the document template

You may insert a section break in the document template, but, if the style template has a section break (even if you cannot see the section break displaying when editing the style) then two section breaks (one from the style and one from the template) will be added to the output document.

How the Style and Template works

When a style template is associated with a document template the following explains the operation:

  1. The software opens the style template creating a new output document
  2. The document inherits the page headers, footers, styles and margins of the style document.

    If there is a second page and the style is set up with a different first page the output document will use the second page settings from the style template.

  3. The software inserts the contents of the document template into the new document at the end of the style. 

    It is important to have the end of the style document situated where you want to start the text inserted from the from the document template. The page length of the document template needs to account for the length left at the bottom of the style template.

Location of Style Templates

Style templates are stored in the ‘System’ directory under the root document templates file-system directory.

You cannot edit document styles using the user-interface. To maintain the style templates, you need to open the style templates in MS Word.

Previewing Templates with the Style Templates

Where a template has a style template applied you may preview how the template will appear (in its pre-merged format) from Manage Document Templates.

To preview a template with a style:

  1. Apply a style to the document template
  2. Refresh the document template register
  3. Right-hand click on the template and select ‘Preview with Style Template’.

    The template will open with the style applied.
  4. Where you have applied styles to document templates make sure you test the document output using a test job to ensure that output document format is correct.


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