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Occasionally, it may be necessary to upload a copy of the CCH Insolvency database to review issues with a client's data.  This section describes the process of preparing and uploading a copy of the database for further examination.

Reduce the size of the database

Before backing up the database, run the script below in the SQL Server Management Studio Query Window to shrink the data and log files.

USE Insol2

Remember to change the name of the main Insolvency database file if it is not Insol2 in the above script.

Back up the database

In SQL Server Management Studio (“SSMS”), right-click on the Insolvency database and select Tasks > Backup.

In the dialog box that follows, select a location for the backup database.  This may have been already defined, in which case, accept this and take a copy of this database from this location.

Alternatively, click the “Add” button to select a new location.

The location should default to the pre-set location for the SSMS backups.  Click the ellipsis button to change the location.

Note that the server identified above is the same as the one shown in the SSMS main screen:

This is useful to check if you have a number of SQL Server instances running.

Select a location that can be “seen” from both the server and your workstation (if the server is unable to upload to the FTP server (see below)).  Usually this will be a network location.  In the example below, the server’s desktop has been selected and filename entered.

Click “OK” to start the backup process.

Preparing the file for upload

Compress and password protect the backup using a file archiving utility, such as WinZip, WinRAR or 7-zip:


For the security of your data, we require that the file is compressed/archived and password protected.  If the archive is chunked/spanned, it is also recommended that it is placed in a separate directory, named as your practice, so that the directory is easily identified.

For ease of identification, please rename the compressed file with the name of your firm or, if you prefer, create a new folder with the name of your firm and upload the compressed file to this location.

If the file is large (over 100Mb) when compressed, span the archive to 10Mb chunks/volumes.

If the file is very large (over 1Gb) when compressed, span the archive to 50Mb chunks/volumes.

Please put the database or archives into a folder in your firm’s name so that it can be easily identified.

Uploading files to FTP server

Go to (host) :

Use the following credentials to log in:

Username : CCHFTP

Password : please contact CCH Software support on 0844 561 8181 to obtain the current password.

The username and password are case sensitive.

You may at this point create a separate sub-folder to hold the compressed backup.  This is not always necessary if you are uploading a single file.  For ease of identification, you should use your practice name as the folder name so, if your practice is 'Joe Bloggs Insolvency Practitioners Limited', you would create a new folder in Data.In and upload to that folder, e.g.:

If the backup has been spanned, you should always create a sub-folder.

Please confirm the name and location of the files (assuming they have been placed in a sub-directory off, together with the password used when compressing/archiving the database, by e-mail as soon as possible after upload, so that the files can be downloaded and removed from our FTP server.

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