HC Bank Accounts

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    Entering a debtor receipt for a HC bank account is the same as for a FC bank account, except a HC bank account is selected from the Account drop-down (in this example Cash at Bank).  Even though the transaction belongs to a HC bank account the entry is denominated in FC, which again is consistent with the way the system handles all FC transactions.


    When you view the above entry in the bank account register it displays in HC, however, when you view the same transaction in Asset account register it displays in FC.

    If you edit the original Credit Sale entry (the accounts receivable invoice) the Totals Summary displays in FC (where a FC accounts receivable account is used).


    Drill down on the Total Paid to display the transactions in the Asset’s account register.  The amounts are denominated in FC.



    NOTE:  Also see XR Gains (Losses) against an Asset.


    NOTE:  You cannot receive HC Debtors in a FC bank account.

    You may not select FC Debtors when processing Receive Payments on Account using a HC bank account.