HC Bank Accounts

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    When you Receive Payments to a HC bank account select a HC bank account from the Account drop-down option.

    The transaction is still entered in FC amounts, however, the transaction will display in HC in the bank account register.  The transaction is entered in FC because the Asset is denominated in this currency.  This is consistent for all FC transactions.


    Once you have saved the transaction, open the Asset and view the transactions (In the Asset Detail form click on the ellipsis next to the amount Realised (EUR).


    NOTE:  The account register (filtered by the asset) displays in FC.



    As the FC asset account register displays amounts in FC, and any FC Gains (Losses) are in HC, these entries will not appear in the register.  You can see adjustment entries in the separate ledger account, Foreign Currency Gain (Loss).  See below for more on FC Gains (Losses).