Making payments from the practice's client account

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    Once the Insolvency Practitioner has been appointed in the job, the monies in the client account should be transferred to the job bank account.

    Making payments from the practice's client account

    1.    In Practice, go to Financials > Client Accounts > Client Account.

    2.    Go to Transactions and select Make Payment.


    3.    Select the job in the Job drop-down and Client Account in the Account drop-down (if not already selected).

    4.    Complete the Payee field as appropriate.

    5.    Select the job bank account from the Account drop-down field.


    6.    Complete the payment details as shown below.


    7.    Click [Save and Exit].

    Both the Grouped Deposits and Payments and Job Accounts balances for the job have been reduced by the amount of the above transaction.  The Job Account screen for the job should be at zero.


    8.    In the job, you will see a credit balance ion the Job bank account for the amount of the transfer from the client account.  The realisation and the balance in hand are properly represented in the abstract of receipts and payments.