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The AP register now has a tab which allows you to select AP’s for payment based on age and available funds:

Payment selection tools.jpg  

The AP entries shown in the register will be based on the currently applied AP filters, i.e. practice, job, supplier, etc.

Payment selection

The options are as follows:

  • All invoices due for payment

    Select all AP entries where the due date of the AP is less than or equal to the current date.

  • All invoices >= n days

    Select all AP entries where the due date of the AP is greater than or equal to the specified number of days.

  • Pay from any available job bank account with funds

    Select this option to allocate monies in any of the job’s other bank accounts with funds in the selection.  If this is unticked, which is the default, only monies in the default bank account will be utilised.

  • Cleared / uncleared funds

    Use the bank account ledger balance, excluding any unposted payments, in the available funds calculation.

    If you also want to take into account unposted receipts into account, then tick the ‘Inc. unposted receipts’ checkbox.

  • Apply overdraft limits

    Ticking this option will take any bank overdraft limits into account when calculating available funds.

    Overdraft expiry dates are taken into account which this checkbox is selected.

Once you have selected the required options, click ‘Select invoices for payment based on available funds’.  The system will then calculate which AP’s can be paid based on available funds.

A progress bar will be shown in the centre of the screen. Once that has completed, the rows which agree with the selection criteria have the amount and bank details entered.  The total number of invoices is displayed in the ‘Selected for payment’ tab:

Selected for payment.png

The selection criteria or the selected AP entries may be changed at this point. If the selection criteria are changed and the ‘Select invoices …’ button is clicked again, you will be asked to confirm that the previously selected invoices will be removed.

To clear the selected invoices, click on the ‘Selected for payment’ tab and select ‘Clear List’.

You should note that the number of rows shown in the register will not change once the ‘Select invoices …’ button is clicked: only rows where it is possible to make a payment against supplier invoices will have a value entered in the ‘Pay Now’ column.

Credit notes will be selected where

  • there is an associated invoice which can also be paid, or
  • there are non-associated invoices, but the value of payments exceed the value of any credit notes (i.e., there is a net payment due to the supplier).

Single credit notes will not be selected for payment, which would amount to a ‘negative payment’ which is not permitted by the system.

Invoice selection methodology

The system will select the oldest outstanding invoice first and if funds are available, select it for payment, deduct the allocated amount from available funds and proceed to the next AP and repeat the process until either no more AP’s are available for selection, or no further funds are available.

Part payments of invoices are not automatically calculated but, once the automatic selection has been made, manual amendments can be made.

This enhancement should make it a lot easier to select invoices for payment based on what funds are available, rather than the previous manual selection method, which could fail subsequent validation due to, in most cases, a lack of funds.

Pay multiple AP’s from multiple bank accounts.

This is a significant change as previously in a job you could only pay AP’s from the currently selected bank account.  Now you can select an option to pay from Saved / Default Account.

Multiple AP 1.jpg

When this option is selected, ticking an AP with a Pay From account specified will select it for payment it from the PF account.  Ticking an AP with no PF account set will select the default account for payment.

Alternatively you can specify another account for payment:

Multiple AP 2.jpg

If this account is set, the functionality is the same as previously described, in that ticking an AP with a Pay From account specified will select it for payment it from the PF account, except ticking an AP with no PF account set will use the selected account (Bank 2 in this example) for payment not the default bank account.

All the above means that you can now manually select AP’s for payment from multiple bank accounts in one go (or one batch).

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