Printing Cheques

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    The system allows for printing cheques, either using MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) or pre-formatted blank cheque templates.

    Printing cheques

    1.    Open the bank account register from which the payment is to be made.

    2.    Click Print Cheques.


    The following screen is shown:


    3.    Select the cheques to be printed.

    You can either select individual cheques or click the icon in the column header to select all cheques shown:



    All cheques in this screen are selected by default.

    4.    Click [OK].  The Print dialog box appears:


    You may print MICR Cheques at this point but you may also print cheque requisitions or BACS files form this screen.

    5.    Enter the appropriate cheque number and user details.


    The ‘User for Queries’ is not automatically completed as the user generating the payment may not be the user to whom questions regarding the payment should be made.

    6.    Click [Preview] or [Print] to generate the cheques.


    The same functionality can be utilised to monitor cheques being drafted, rather than printed.  When a payment is made from the system, there is a ‘To be Printed’ field next to the ‘Cheque Number’ field.

    This field is selected by default.File:test/insolvency/120_10+Accounts/070_Printing+Cheques/Cheques6.png  Cheques may be marked as printed, or bank charges which will never be printed, may be removed from the print run list by selecting the relevant payment and selecting [Update Selected Cheques as Printed].


    The number of cheques awaiting printing is also shown on the user’s home page:


    This provides an overview of all jobs where cheques awaiting printing appears in the ‘Print Run’ screen.