Declaring a dividend

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    This section shows how to declare a dividend, by giving notice to the creditors of the appointees' intention to pay a dividend.  This follows the preceding sections Adjudicating proofs of debt manually and Adjudicating proofs of debt automatically.

    Declaring a dividend

    At the time a dividend is declared it is likely that all assets will be realised and the only remaining assets will be in cash or investments.

    1.    Click Financials > Distributions tab.

    2.    Click Declare Dividend.

    Enter the dividend information as shown below:



    Creditor Class

    Unsecured Creditors


    First Dividend to the Unsecured Creditors

    Est Rate p/£


    Date Declared


    Prove By Date


    3.    You may produce a notice of dividend from here by clicking Print Notice.

    4.    Save the notice to your desktop.

    You will observe that the Document Management appears after you have created the notice.

    5.    Link the document into the Document Management area as previously shown in earlier modules.


    The dividend information will now appear in the dividend selector for mail merges in the dividends category.

    6.    Click OK and review the distribution details.