Adjudicating proofs of debt automatically

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    This section shows how to automatically admit creditors' claims.  This functionality might be useful where there are a large number of claims to be admitted for dividend purposes and the appointee is happy that their claims have been sufficiently evidenced.

    This process would not be suitable for any claim that should be rejected in full or in part, in which circumstances, you should refer to the section Adjudicating proofs of debt.

    Adjudicating proofs of debt automatically

    1.    Double-click Unsecured Creditors.

    There are two ways to admit automatically.

    2.    Select any creditor and right-click them.

    3.    Select Auto-Admit Claim as shown:



    This option is only available if a proof of debt has already been recorded for the selected creditor.

    Compare your screen shot with the one below.


    4.    Now, admit all remaining proof claims automatically by clicking Admit All.