Recording a creditor as having moved

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    If post sent to a creditor is returned indicating that the creditor has moved without a forwarding address, the creditor's record may be marked "Return to Sender".  Records of circulars sent also include any creditors which are marked RTS.

    Recording a creditor as having moved

    To mark a creditor as having moved with no forwarding address, it is necessary to add a new address type in the creditor record.

    1.    First, open the creditor record:


    2.    In the Address Type section, click Click here to edit address.


    The creditor's Counterparty record is displayed.


    3.    To add the new Address Type, click [Add].


    4.    Select the [RTS] Address Type.


    You will see that the RTS Address Type is shown as a 'default mailing address'.



    If you deselect 'Default Mailing Address' from the Counterparty record, the original address will be retained in the Counterparty record as the Default Mailing Address: the RTS 'address' will be added as a second address.


    This is probably not what you want to do.

    5.    Click the Save icon to save the Counterparty record.


    You will receive a warning regarding selecting RTS as an Address Type.  Click [Continue].

    6.    The creditor record is re-displayed with the updated address.  You will see that the RTS 'address' is the only address available for the creditor and is shown in red.

    Creditor RTS7.png

    The creditor record may now be closed.

    Circulars and RTS creditors

    When producing a circular to creditors, the 'Select Recipients' page will show all creditors ...


    ... but the intended recipients will show RTS on a separate tab.


    Once the circular has been produced, a schedule of creditors that received the circular is saved in the Document Management folder along with the circular itself.  


    Any RTS creditors are shown at the end of the schedule.


    Creditor listings and RTS creditors

    To display a list of creditors for a job, go to Reports and Forms > Creditor Listing > Creditor Address Listing.


    The RTS creditors are shown at the end of the schedule of creditors.