Marking a creditor as having no claim

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This section describes how to mark a creditor as having no claim.

Marking a creditor as having no claim

If a creditor notifies you that it has no claim, simply [right-click] on the creditor record and select [Creditor Has No Claim]

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You will need to confirm marking the creditor as having no claim.

The creditor will subsequently appear in the creditor screen as being struck through.  The creditor record will retain its statement of affairs value but all other amounts will be set to zero.


This operation may be undone by [right-clicking] the creditor record as above and selecting [Creditor Has Claim].  Values set to zero in the preceding step will be reinstated.


You will only be able to mark a creditor as having no claim if the creditors claim has not previously been admitted.  If a creditor has previously submitted a claim and you now wish to mark that creditor as having no claim, you may consider deleting the previously entered admitted claim or, if the creditor is in an insolvency procedure or has been struck from the Register of Companies, you may wish to change the creditors name to the person currently responsible for the creditors' affairs.  You may find that editing the creditors details is restricted by the applications security, in which case you should see your system administrator.  If the creditor has simply gone away, you may wish to mark that creditor's record accordingly. Please see the following section.
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