Importing Unsecured Creditor Claims

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    Importing is the fastest way to enter a large amount of data. It is particularly useful when you have statutory time constraints and a large amount of creditor information has to be entered on the initial day of the appointment.

    Importing Unsecured Creditor Claims

    1.    Import the Excel file, from the standard toolbar select Add or Import Data > Import from file > Import Creditors.

    The Import Unsecured Wizard appears.


    2.    Select the Unsecured Creditors Class from the drop down box and use the ellipsis button as before to navigate to the Click Example Unsecured Creditors Excel file.

    3.    Click [Next].

    The Import Wizard performs a matching routine against Counterparty Name, Address, Postcode and State.

    4.    The matched records are now available for review.  Matches are separated into three categories:

    • exact matches,
    • possible matches and
    • unmatched.

    The next step in the import wizard is to determine whether the system has correctly matched the imported Counterparty records against the Counterparty records already existing in the database.


    5.    To review the unmatched records click the Review button.

    The Match Creditors for Import dialog appears.  The record entered in the import template in the earlier example will appear in the unmatched records list.


    You will note that you can toggle between exact matches, possible matches and unmatched records by using the toggle buttons at the top of the form.

    Unmatched records have Import as New Counterparty already set.

    6.    Click [OK] to complete the review of unmatched records.

    7.    Click [Next] and then [Finish] to import the creditors.