Unsecured Non-preferential Claims

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This module provides the procedure to enter Creditor claims.

Creditors and their claims have different entry forms depending upon the nature of the claim.  We will enter secured and unsecured creditors.  Employees’ claims are detailed in section 3.

Unsecured creditors' claims

Creditor claims are lodged by Counterparties, which are a central database of all organisations and individuals across all jobs.  You must assign a Counterparty to each claim, other than in the case of preferred employee claims, where you must enter the employee’s name.

This section assumes that you have knowledge of different creditor priorities.

  • This section sets out the procedure to take when an additional creditor is discovered which is not recorded on the system as a counterparty.
  • When entering unsecured creditors, claims must be matched to a Counterparty record.  You may also import unsecured creditors’ claims.
  • Importing is the fastest way to enter a large amount of data. It is particularly useful when you have statutory time constraints and a large amount of creditor information has to be entered on the initial day of the appointment.
  • This section shows how to enter a creditors claim for dividend.