Revaluing assets

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    In this section we will look at revaluing assets.  This would be relevant where, say, an asset is expected to realise less than stated in the statement of affairs.  This procedure adjusts the Estimated Future figure for the asset in the Position tab.

    Revaluing assets

    To change the value of an Asset, simply adjust the value of the ERV (low) in the Asset Details form.  This will create an entry in the relevant Asset Holding Account.

    1.    In the Job window, click Financials > Assets.

    2.    Double-click the Asset Class for the Asset you wish to revalue.

    In this example, double-click Plant and Equipment.


    3.    Select the Asset from the Asset List.

    In this example double-click Back-up generator.  The Asset Capture window appears.


    4.    Edit the Asset values.

    In this example, change the ERV (Low) to £7,000.


    5.    Click [Save and Exit]

    6.    You should now select a date for the revaluation of the asset.


    7.    Accept or change the date and click [OK].

    8.    Click [Exit] to leave the Asset Register.