Entering Secured Creditors

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    The position of secured creditors is automatically calculated on the ranking of their securities.  If you change secured creditor claims or the value of a charged asset the underlying security position is automatically recalculated.


    When entering secured creditors, they must be matched to a counterparty record.

    It is possible to either:

    • enter a security and allow the claim to be calculated automatically; or,
    • tick Manually Enter Claims and manually enter the exact amounts applicable to fixed and/or floating charges.

    If secured asset is not entered, it is necessary to mark a secured claim as Manually Enter Claims, otherwise the claim will appear as unsecured.


    Entering securities with the Manually Enter Claims option ticked may result in the statement of affairs (‘SoA’) not reporting correctly.  If you allow the system to calculate claims automatically, the SoA will report the claims correctly.

    You may also import secured creditors and their claims.

    Entering secured creditors

    1.    To enter secured creditors, click Financials tab > Creditors tab.


    2.    Double-click or right-click Secured Creditors.  The creditors register appears.


    3.    Click the [Add Creditor] button.  The Creditor Entry form appears.


    5.    Type National in the Name: field and press [Enter].

    6.    Double-click the entry for Abbey National (London).

    7.    Go to the Claim tab.

    8.    Enter £2,500,000 as the SoA amount and Adv / Est amount as the screen shot below.


    9.    Click [New Security] and enter the following details:



    Security Type

    Fixed Charge

    Date Granted

    1 January 2005

    Description of Security

    Land & Buildings

    Terms of Repayment

    £10,000 per month

    Compare your results to the following screen:


    10.    Click on [Add] and fill in the details as per the screenshot below:


    12.    Click [Save and Exit].  Compare your results to the screenshot below, then click [Save and Exit] again.



    You can update the secured asset as required by clicking on the Secured Creditor – Claim and Securities – double clicking on the Charge Description and then for example:

    To ...

    You can…

    Capture assets

    Select the asset and click [+ Add]

    Update the asset values

    Right-click and select Show Asset to drill down on the selected assets

    Note: Assets will only be secured up to the value specified.

    Cap the amount the system calculates as the value of the security (Fixed charges only)

    Select This charge is security for a specific amount owing of and enter the value.


    Enter a floating charge

    Select a security of type floating and then add the assets subject to that charge or alternatively tick the This charge is over all, or substantially all, of the company’s assets checkbox.


    You could add a Contact to the Abbey National plc (“Abbey”) if you had a contact at the Abbey.  You could then record any activity with that particular Contact at the Abbey for future reporting and accurate Job information.