Adjusting the RPO's claim

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    It is often the case that the RPO’s claim will not agree with the figures calculated by the system.  You may amend the individual details if you need to adjust the RPO’s claim to take account of any discrepancy between the calculated claim and the RPO’s proof claim.

    Adjusting the RPO's claim

    1.    Open the RPO’s claim and select the ERA Tab.



    Claim elements which are ticked (as shown opposite) have effectively been agreed and are locked.  You may de-select them to make any adjustments.


    2.    You may amend the relevant details by clicking in the grid and entering the corrected value:


    3.    You may review only a single claim type (e.g., holiday pay or contractual notice pay) or all claim types by selecting the appropriate tab.



    Any adjustments you make here will be checked against the RPO’s claim and, if there is a difference between the advised claim and the recalculated claim, you will not be allowed to exit the screen.  You will only be allowed to cancel without saving any changes you have made.

    4.    You may also adjust the RPO’s claim by right-clicking the employee’s claim in the Claim Detail tab and selecting Adjust RPO payments:


    The following screen is shown:


    Recalculating the RPO's claim

    The RPO’s claim may be recalculated if the original claim was based on an incorrect date or other dependent data.

    In the Preferential Creditors’ Claims screen, select Advanced > Recalculate RPO Claims/Set Relevant Dates:


    From here, you may alter the various bases of the claim as shown:



    Claim elements which are ticked (as shown opposite) have effectively been agreed and are locked.

    They will not be affected by any adjustments from the recalculation screen.


    They will need to be un-selected in order to be recalculated.