Asset Level Projections

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    Changes to projections depend on whether the item being altered is an asset listed on the statement of affairs or not.

    Projections regarding statement of affairs assets are adjusted by altering the ERV Low value as discussed above (see section “Maintaining Assets” here).

    Changes to the estimated outcome for assets not shown on the statement of affairs or liabilities are adjusted from the Position tab.


    This process describes how to enter an expense projection against an asset.  The example used here is furniture with an estimated to realise value of £500.  We will enter a sum of £250 as projected agents fees.

    Projecting expenses not directly linked to an asset is dealt with here.

    2.    Go to Financials > Position and click the Projections button.

    Alternatively, from the Position tab, right-click the relevant account.


    Select “Update projections for …” (the actual wording depends on the account being changed) and complete the relevant entries.

    2.    The Projections screen is displayed, which enables various projections to be entered.

    Asset level projections

    1.    From the Projections screen, select the Asset Level Projections tab:

    All assets entered will show in this screen.

    2.    Click on the 'Click to Enter Projections' hyperlink:

    The Asset Revenue and Expense Projections screen is shown.

    3.    Click the 'Account' field.  A list of the available accounts is displayed.

    Scroll down the list to select the required account.

    4.    Enter high and low estimates for the projected costs.

    5.    Click OK to leave this screen.

    Further projections may be added at this stage.

    Click OK when this process is completed.

    6.    You will see from the Projections tab that the expense projection entered above is included in the cost of realisation section of the projections.

    7.    You also have the opportunity at this stage to enter a new account by clicking Add Account.  You should note that this will only add the holding account for the asset, not the asset itself.  You should then add the relevant asset as described here before adding asset level projections against it.