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This section details how to add or remove creditors from and printing  the attendance register.

Adding creditors to the attendance register

To add Creditors to the Attendance Register:

1.    From the Jobs area, click Estate > Meetings Register tab and double-click on the meeting.  The Meeting window opens.


2.    Click the Meeting Attendance tab.

The Meeting Attendance Register window opens.

3.    To add creditors from the Potential Attendees list to the Potential Attendees who have submitted POD’s and/or proxies list, select one of the following options:

To add …

You will need to …

All creditors

Click [>>]

One creditor

Select the creditor and click [>], or

Double-click on the creditor.

A range of creditors

Select the creditors while holding down the [Ctrl] or [Shift] keys and click [>>]

Removing Creditors from the Attendance Register

To remove creditors from the Potential Attendees who have submitted PODs and/or proxies list use one of the selection methods above and click [<<] to remove all creditors or [<] to remove one or a range of creditors from the list.

Meeting Attendance Register

The Meeting Register is made available at the meeting for attendees to sign.

In this exercise you will print preview the meeting attendance register.

1.    The meeting attendance register displays the Voting Proofs of Debt lodged.

On the Attendance Register, double-click Meeting Attendance Register – Creditors in the reports list.


2.    Click Print and then preview and close.


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