Meeting Resolutions

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    Resolutions can be entered for a meeting.

    Meeting resolutions

    To enter meeting resolutions:

    1.    From the Jobs area, click Corporate > Meetings Register tab and double-click the meeting record.

    The Meetings window opens.

    2.    Click the Resolutions tab.


    3.    Click Add.  The Meetings Resolution window opens.


    4.    Enter either Ordinary or Special Resolutions by selecting the appropriate option then the Result of the Vote.

    Enter the details in the Resolution Text field and click OK.


    To enter additional resolutions click Add in the Resolutions tab and repeat the above steps.

    Setting up Standard Resolutions

    Standard Resolutions can be set up for all job types.  From the Meeting Resolution window:

    1.    Click Standard Resolutions > Add Resolution.


    2.    Enter the Description, the Resolution Type and details of the resolution.  Repeat these steps to enter additional Standard Resolutions.


    The text of a Standard Resolution can be amended once you add the resolution to the meeting.  Spaces can be left in the Standard Resolution to add job specific text.  See the Meeting Resolution window above.

    Add a Standard Resolution

    To add a standard resolution:

    1.    From the Meetings window click the Resolutions tab.

    2.    Click OK.

    The Meeting Resolution window opens.

    3.    Click Standard Resolutions.

    Select a resolution from the list and click OK.