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This section describes how to enter details of a meeting, it's resolutions and voting, and output the various forms and paperwork for the various standard meetings provided by the system.


The process of holding meetings will consider recording meeting information, entering informal proofs of debt, producing a circular to creditors, recording attendees, and producing reports.

There are several scenarios to consider when producing a circular to creditors as a mail merge document for a large number of recipients.  Either:

  • Each notice is personalised, or
  • Each notice is the same (generic letter).

To produce personalised notices (where the name and address of each creditor appears on each notice) a copy of a signatory’s (appointee) digital signature is stored in the system; the signature page of the document is photocopied and collated; or in rare cases the appointee signs each notice individually.

To produce a generic document, have the generic document signed by the appointee(s) and then photocopy the required number of copies.  For generic or static notices, you will need to produce mailing labels in addition to the notice.

It is important to understand the alternatives available to ensure that the system will match your firm’s existing internal practices in order to take advantage of the different options.