Task reports

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    The Task Reports allow you a further degree of selection criteria such as being able to specify a group of users, date range or multiple jobs.

    Refining selections on Task Reports also provide you with the ability to view categories of tasks i.e. outstanding bank reports or due across all jobs.

    Task reports

    1.    To open the Task Report Wizard, from the Tasks menu, click Tasking Reports and select Task Listing By User.

    The Task Report Wizard appears. Click Next.

    2.    Refine your selection criteria.


    You will notice that you may select multiple users allowing you to print all outstanding tasks for a group of users. A Task Group is available for Appointment tasks, so we will use that to produce a report for all outstanding tasks under that group.


    3.    Tick the All Active Jobs and the All Users checkboxes.

    4.    Click Next.

    5.    For the Printing Options click To Screen.

    The Report Viewer appears.

    6.    Once you have reviewed the Task Report, Close this window.