Assigning an unassigned task

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    You may find that tasks have been imported unassigned. You may assign those tasks to a user after import. This will, of course, depend on the relevant security levels for yourself and the user being assigned the task.

    Assigning an unassigned task

    In this example, it is assume that you are the manager on a job (i.e., the Reporting Manager), and you wish to assign an unassigned task to another member of staff.

    1.    In the job, go to the Tasks tab. The Task List for that job is displayed:


    You will see that the task ‘Advertise meeting of creditors’ is unassigned.

    2.    Right-click on the task and select Assign Task(s) to User.


    3.    Select a user from the list of users shown.


    You may assign more than one task at a time by highlighting a number of tasks, or by holding down CTRL, clicking the tasks, then right-clicking to assign.

    Where a job has a large number of tasks, but only some are unassigned, you may obtain a list of those tasks by double-clicking on then User column heading to sort the tasks in user order.

    A number of the task reports also allow you to filter tasks that are unassigned.