Entering tasks

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    From time to time on Jobs there are various tasks that need to be completed which may not appear on your checklists (Task Templates), e.g., arrange meeting with the landlord to negotiate rental payments.

    For these Ad hoc tasks, you can add new tasks to Jobs to record these.  You can also create tasks for other users, e.g., a manager can create a delegate a task requesting an employee ring a creditor back that is requesting information.

    In entering tasks, we will examine linking Actions and Resources to tasks.

    Entering tasks

    1.    To add a task, click Main Menu > Tasks.

    Your Task List appears.


    2.    From the toolbar select New Task.


    The Task Entry Form appears.


    3.    Select a Job.


    4.    Select a User.


    5.    Enter a Description for the Task.  For this example, we will use a description of “Land Registry search”.

    6.    Enter the task Group from the drop-down.

    7.    Enter the ‘Due on’ and ‘Start on’ dates.

    4.    When finished, click Save and Exit to save the task.

    The task will appear in the task list.


    An example task is shown below:



    The tasks may be sorted in a particular way.  Clicking on the column header will sort (either ascending or descending) by that column.  The direction is indicated by a blue triangle (ascending = p, descending = q):


    Click again to reverse the sort or click anther column to sort by that column.