Tasks and task templates

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You should already have seen how to add a task template to a job (Importing a Task List to the Job).  This section provides an overview of the 'tasks' functionality within CCH Insolvency over and above simply adding a task template to a job.

Tasks and task templates

This section deals with all the basics aspects of tasks.  Firstly, a task can be considered as an action that needs to be performed, or a checklist item that needs to be completed.

A user can review their tasks at any time and manage their priorities and workload.

One of the exceptional aspects of tasking is the ability to link tasks to actions, which allows users to perform functions directly from a task without having to navigate through the Job menus.

The task reporting options assist managers to review outstanding tasks by viewing their employees’ tasks that have been completed, outstanding, due by the end of the week, etc.

It is intended that your current checklists and created as task templates which can be imported into a Job when it is created.

Setting up task templates is covered in the advanced training (Task Templates).