Override global bond reviews

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This section explains how and why to override the global bond reviews.

Overriding global bond reviews for a single job

There are now global bordereau review settings, which may be accessed from Manage Application Settings > Bordereau Settings (provided you have the appropriate security permissions).


These may be set as required by the practice.

However, it is appreciated that, in certain circumstances, it may be preferable to adjust the review periods for a particular job (e.g., there are book debts with uncertain realisable values).  In those circumstances, the global review period may be over-ridden in the job, subject to security permissions.

1.    In the job in question, go to Financials > Bordereau and click Bond Review.  The following screen is shown.


You will note that the three Frequency of Review fields are not accessible.

4.    Click BondRev8.png and click OK to the following confirmatory dialog.


You may now change the review period.



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