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All Insolvency Practices implement a formal bordereau review procedure to ensure that compliance protocols are observed, a formal record of the procedure is maintained and that no case is incorrectly bonded.  CCH Insolvency facilitates this process.

Reviewing job bonding levels

1.    Click Bond Review button from Bordereau tab and the following Review New Job window appears:



The Frequency of Review fields default as shown above but can be overwritten to suit individual case circumstances.  In this example we assume that the default review periods are acceptable.

Appointees whose reviews are due are shown in the Appointee, Asset value area of the window.

2.    To review the Appointees bonding, double click on their name and the window below appears, showing fuller details of the asset value, bond banding and premium level.


3.    Click the Asset Value hyperlink to open the review screen:


Amend the date if required.

Click Update Asset Values and accept the confirmatory dialog to return to the previous screen.  Click OK to return to the Bordereau review screen.

4.    Once reviewed, assuming that the details are correct tick the status check-box beside the Appointee whose bonding is being reviewed.  Alternatively, clicking the blue tick at the top of the column ticks all the Appointees shown.


5.    Click OK and the Review New Job window as at 1 returns but with the last reviewed date column now containing the date up to which the bonding was reviewed in the previous step.



Once reviewed, revisiting the Review New Job window does not show Appointees names until the next Review as at date is reached.


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