Adding a new IVA Supervisor job

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It is also possible for the appointment of a Supervisor of an IVA to be made directly through the wizard.  In this section, we will highlight the differences between the IVA Nominee wizard and the IVA Supervisor wizard. 

Adding a new IVA Supervisor job

If a screen is not shown or mentioned, you should assume it is unchanged from that shown in either the Bankruptcy or IVA Nominee wizards.

1.    The Appointment Details screen defaults to an Appointment by Creditors.  If the actual appointment is made by the Court, the field [Instruction Date] will change to read [Date of Court Order].

The Date of Approval and the date the Chairman’s Report was filed may not be known when completing this wizard so may be left uncompleted.


2.    The Personal Information screen is also subtlety different to the Bankruptcy and IVA Nominee screens but, again, this will depend on the practice settings:


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