Adding a new Individual Voluntary Arrangement ("IVA") Nominee job

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    In this section, we’ll look at creating a job for the IVA Nominee stage.

    Adding a new Individual Voluntary Arrangement ("IVA") Nominee job

    The wizard displays basically the same screens as when creating the Bankruptcy job.  The only significant difference is the Appointment screen, as we shall see.

    1.    Firstly, select Individual Voluntary Arrangement from the list in the first page in the wizard:


    2.    The confirmation screen is again shown …


    … followed by the job name and short name as before …


    … and the debtor’s personal details.


    3.    Click [Save and Exit] to save the record and, assuming no additional debtors need to be added as for the Bankruptcy job above, click [OK] then [Next].

    4.    The Previous Appointee’s screen is shown followed by the Workteam screen, both of which are the same as in the Bankruptcy job process described above.  Click [Next].

    5.    From the Appointment screen below, click on the ellipsis next to the [Appt. Method] field:


    As this is an IVA, there are two routes to obtaining the approval of the creditors: with an Interim Order and without.

    The Appointment Details screen defaults to a Without Interim Order:


    In this case, we’ll be applying for an Interim Order, so select that from the Appointment Type drop-down:


    Most of the other dates and Court details will not be known at this stage, so are not required to be completed.  Click [OK] to save the record and return to the Appointment screen of the wizard.


    6.    Clicking [Next] shows the Personal Information screen.

    The fields shown depend once again on the practice settings from Manage Static Data, and may be different from that shown below:


    7.    Once these fields have been completed, the process is much the same as for the Bankruptcy job set-up wizard.

    First, the Addresses screen is shown …


    … then the Redundancy Payments Office selection, if required …


    … followed by the Chart of Accounts selection:


    8.    Once the Chart of Accounts screen has been completed, all steps have been finalised.

    Click [Finish] to leave the wizard.