Transitioning a job

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This section provides an overview of job transitions.

Introduction to transitioning a job

When processing transactions you need to be able to distinguish between different Job Types for transactions relating to the same period.  For example you may need to prepare separate VAT returns for a Job in Administration and subject to a Company Voluntary Arrangement for the same period.

In the system, it is necessary to change the Job Type (as opposed to creating a new Job by cloning the existing Job) to preserve the transaction history for asset realisations and debtors.

Changing the Job Type has deep ranging consequences on the operation of the system.

As an example, the following Job Type transitions may occur:




Company Voluntary Arrangement

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation


Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (Nominee)

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (Supervisor)

Advice / Misc

Another job type

Furthermore, the Job type can change when another external administrator is appointed in a different capacity, e.g., while you are the Voluntary Administrator a Receiver is appointed.  In a later exercise, you will change the Job Suffix to reflect the additional appointment.


Cloning a job
This section explains why you can’t just create a new Job by cloning an existing one.
Changing the Job Type
The Appointment Type may be changed by selecting an alternative Job Type from the Job Type dropdown. In this example, the purpose of the Administration has not been achieved and the company is moved to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.
Confirm the appointment details
This section describes how to confirm the appointment details on a transitioned job.
Review the Accounts
Once the job is transitioned, the account tab should be reviewed.
Processing transactions to accounts using previous Job Types
This section explains how to process transactions for the previous job type in transitioned jobs.
Filters on Reports
This section provides an overview of job type filters on reports where a job has been transitioned.
Changing the Job Suffix
Quite often another external administrator will be appointed to a Job you are currently appointed to. Accordingly, all of your reports, circulars and correspondence need to reflect this.  This section shows you how to change the Job Suffix.