Reviewing Appointment Details

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This section indicates the areas a user should review to confirm that the job information is correct.

Reviewing the appointment details

You have been asked to review the details of the company that you most recently added to the system.

1.    Navigate to General > Appointment.

General-Appointment screen.png


This is used for viewing and amending the Job’s corporate information.  The Job History section will show any previous appointment details.

From this screen you may view the appointee’s details, or review the method of appointment.

Update the date of registration of the appointment

You should next update the date on which the Liquidators' appointment was registered at Companies House.

2.    Double-click on the Appointee entry.  The following screen appears.

Appointee details.png

From here, you may set the date the appointment was notified to the Registrar of Companies (for inclusion on the IP Record).  Click [OK] to close.

Updating the Method of Appointment details

You may also wish to review and, if necessary, update the method of appointment details.

3.    From the main screen, click the ellipsis against Method of Appointment to show the details relating to that appointment:

Method of Appointment.png

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