Entering Additional Corporate Information

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    This section explains how to add or edit additional Corporate Information data.

    How to add or enter additional Corporate Information

    Now that the job is setup, it is important that you enter additional details about the job in Corporate Information.  These are generally details that can be found in the company search that will be required for the purposes of reporting to creditors and statutory lodgements.

    1.    Click on Corporate > Corporate Info tab.

    2.    Under the column Type click on the next free line under Job Suffix and follow this process to enter the following details.



    VAT Registration Number

    627 3318 44

    Date of Incorporation

    1 January 2007

    Previous Company Name

    Licensed to Kill plc

    Corporation Tax Reference

    007 12345 67890

    KYC Documents Obtained

    1 April 2012

    3.    Check that your entered data matches the screen shot below.



    If the type of information you wish to add is not already on the list, you may add it by clicking in the last (empty) cell in the type column or selecting File:test/insolvency/030_1+Jobs/060_Entering+Additional+Corporate+Information/clip_image004.gif.