Setting Lodgement Properties for Form AD01

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    This section shows how to set the document lodgement properties, indicating when a document was statutorily filed. 

    Setting the lodgement properties

    1.    Select Documents tab and open the Lodgements folder.


    2.    Right click on the document Form AD01 and select Lodgement Details.  The Lodgement window appears.


    3.    Enter the Date Lodged as today’s date and the Date Due as tomorrow’s date.


    This section is normally used when filing annual receipts and payments.  The dates for some types of lodgement extend to the IP Record, so it is important that they be entered correctly.  To select the various forms of lodgement available, select the Lodgement Type dropdown.

    4.    To undo the lodgement, simply delete the Date Lodged.

    5.    Click [Save and Exit] to leave this screen.