Linking a Contact to a Job

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Once a new contact has been created for a counterparty, the contact needs to be linked to the Job.

There are two ways you can link a contact to a job.  You can either link the job to the contact or the contact to the job.  In this example, we will be linking a contact to a job.

Linking a contact to a job

1.    Open up the job and go to General > Job Contacts and click [Add].

2.    Type the first few letters of the surname, in this example “dav”, and hit [Enter].

3.    Double-click on Danny Davis in the returned Contacts list.


4.    A Role now needs to be selected for the Job Contact.  Bear in mind that even if, for example, the Contact is a solicitor, their Role may be something else on that particular Job.

In this case, Danny Davis is a Referrer.


5.    Select Referrer and click on [Link Contact].

6.    Click on the [Exit] button and you will now see the Contact is listed in the Job Contacts tab of the Job.


  • You can also make a Counterparty a Job Contact by changing the tab in the New Job Contact window from Contact to Counterparty.

  • You can use Job Contacts to look up a Contacts’ details, record the number of referrals a Contact has given, record the number of Jobs you have referred to a solicitor and even have documents automatically addressed to them at the click of a button.

To view what Jobs a Contact or Counterparty has links to, simply open the Contact or Counterparty and go to the Jobs and Job Contact tabs.

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