Introduction to Job Creation

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This section explains the process of creating a new job in CCH Insolvency.

Job Creation

The new job wizard takes you through the following process:



The system automatically creates document folders and produces appointment documents.


To automatically populate a particular folder structure for each job, create that folder structure under the Document Management Default Folder:




In the training examples, users are granted full System Administrator rights, however, in a real scenario users may have restricted permissions or be given specific Job Roles.


Adding a new job to CCH Insolvency
This scenario will take you through all the steps of adding a creditors’ voluntary liquidation job with two joint appointees. You will enter the job information, select a workteam of users, produce appointment documents, and select a chart of accounts for the Job.
Adding a Job Manager to the Job
It is important that every administration has a Job Manager added, as it allows for a comprehensive filtered reporting by Job Manager, as well as Appointee.
Adding Directors to the Job
Directors of the company need to be added to the Job as various correspondence is addressed to the in the first few days of administration.  They can be marked as Preferred Creditors of the company at any stage after that, without having to re-enter their details.
Importing a Task List to the Job
Each job should have a checklist / task list imported in the beginning of administration so no statutory tasks are omitted.  Separate task templates are available for each job type and for a particular segment of the life of the job.
Adding Counterparties and Contacts to the Job
Now that you have completed entering in all the relevant Corporate Information, it is important to record any parties (referred to as Counterparties) and their Contacts which have some involvement in the Job, for example: solicitors, accountants, the Job’s bank manager and so forth. In this context, the firm of solicitor, the accountancy practice and the bank branch will be entered as Counterparties, the solicitor, partner or bank manager would be entered as a Contact.  The Contacts are linked to the respective Counterparty on creation. Adding Creditors to the Job will also add a Counterparty record.  Adding Creditors is discussed later in section 2.