Introduction to CCH Insolvency

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CCH Insolvency is an innovative system that is designed for insolvency practitioners to administer and manage all aspects of insolvent estates.  It tracks entities throughout their life cycle and reduces processing costs for the practice.

The current release version of CCH Insolvency is 4.2.52.

Key features

  • Easy to use, Windows®  interface
  • Integrated financial accounting system providing full general ledger  functionality
  • Auto generation of statutory forms and reports
  • A single data entry point for all creditors, debtors, contacts, employees, shareholders, referees and advisors across all jobs
  • Claim Adjudication and Dividend payments
  • Tracks and manages all aspects of asset realisations
  • Companies House compliant and Official Receiver’s forms
  • Creates standard precedent templates, merge documents, circulars, mailing labels and envelopes using Microsoft® Word®
  • Imports relevant data; – creditors, debtors, shareholders and employees
  • Microsoft® Outlook® integration via email notifications and meeting invitations
  • Available on industry standard Microsoft® SQL® platforms

Conventions used in these help pages

Throughout this user guide, various symbols or terms may be used to indicate a type of feature or the actions required.


What it means...

Press the [Enter] key

Keyboard selections are identified by [  ].

Select File > Print

A menu path indicates the sequence of menu options you need to click. (This example literally means to select the option ‘Print...’ from the ‘File’ menu.)

Client window

Documents tab

All window and tab names appear in bold.

Pages or sections that relate to different versions of CCH Insolvency

Pages or sections with apply only to a particular version of versions of CCH Insolvency will have an appropriate tag in the Overview section of the page or section:

This section applied to CCH Insolvency v4.1 and previous versions.


This section applied to CCH Insolvency v4.2 and subsequent versions.

Pages or sections with no such tags may be assumed to relate to any version of the software.

Notes and tips

Notes describe general points of note, additional information or references to other material, for example:


The system automatically creates document folders and produces appointment documents.

Tips advise you of quick techniques and shortcuts, such as:


An easy way to enter today’s date is by simply typing “t” in any Date field.

CCH Support

You can access CCH Support in the three following ways:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Log your queries to
  3. Call us on 0844 561 8181 (option #3)  (please have your client number ready)

Utilise our Support website services at for:

  • Knowledge Base articles on known issues, How do I? questions and other relevant information regarding use of our products.
  • Download products, product updates, release notes and Installation guides.
  • Log, track and update your support requests online.
  • Review your firm's support requests to identify internal training needs.
  • Information on training courses; course schedules and outlines.
  • Update your contact details, eBulletin subscription and list of preferred products.
  • There is easy access to information on hardware, network and operating system requirements for efficient operation of our products.
  • Searchable archives of eBulletins.

Using the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base tab on the Support website allows you to:

  • Research and find all published Knowledge Base articles to assist you in answering your technical issues.
  • Review summaries of all known issues.
  • Improve your knowledge of our products.