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Editing Additions and Disposals in Corporation Tax

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Once Additions and Disposals have been imported into Corporation Tax from the Fixed Asset Register there is further data that tax personnel need to add to the records. The screen below shows a single Addition that has been imported from Fixed Asset Register.


  • Some fields come from the Fixed Asset Register, such as the asset Description. These fields are greyed out and disabled. To change them you need to update the Fixed Asset Register.
  • Some fields, such as Tax Value and Pool Type, do not exist in the Fixed Asset Register. These are enabled and you can complete them in Corporation Tax.
  • The last field shows Updated from FAR to indicate that this Addition has been imported from the Fixed Asset Register.
  • The Balance Sheet category field is a special case. It comes from the asset's Asset Class. If the Balance Sheet category in the Fixed Asset Register matches the heading of one of the columns of the Tangible Fixed Assets screen, then the field is disabled. In the example above the Balance Sheet category in the Fixed Asset Register is "Fixtures and Fittings". This matches a column heading in the Tangible Fixed Asset screen (which in turn came from the text on the fixed asset note in the accounts). So the field is disabled. But if the Balance Sheet category does not match then the field is enabled and you can select it in a drop down.
  • If you make changes in Corporation Tax and then reimport the data from the Fixed Asset Register, your changes are not lost. When the new records are imported, the fields that came from the Fixed Asset Register are updated and your changes are retained.
  • Although the Fixed Asset Register fields on each entry are usually disabled in Corporation Tax, there is a way around this. If you "unlink" the Fixed Asset Register from Corporation Tax, no further changes are imported from the Fixed Asset Register and the data that is already present in Corporation Tax becomes fully editable. To unlink the Fixed Asset Register, untick CCH Accounts Production link - Balance sheet for the relevant period of account on the Tax Links screen.
  • Editing Disposals is done in the same way as editing Additions.


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