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Document Management is a licensed module and access is limited based on the number of Central users that have access to Document Management functionality. This section describes how to check how many users you are licensed for and how many licences are being used.

Step 1: Check Licensed Users

First, as a Super User, click Help then About to open the About CCH Central window. Then click the Licensing button.

window Licensing 2013.2.jpg

The Count field on the Document Management row shows how many users you are licensed for.

Step 2: Check Employee Access

Next you need to check how many employees have access to Document Management. To do this you will first need to identify which security groups have permissions for Document Management.

Historically, users were assigned to a single security group providing all their required permissions. However, with the advent of additional modules in the Central family the recommended setup is to have separate security groups for each module, so most users will belong to multiple security groups. Where one security group has a permission turned off and another security group has a permission turned on, the user will have permission for that function.

Our recommended setup for Document Management is to provide access through a specific set of security groups which only provide access to Document Management functionality. If you have this setup you should ensure that no other groups have any Document Management permissions set. These options are set via Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.

Step 3: Identify Users

Once you have identified the security groups with Document Management permissions, you can use a Report to identify the number of users within each security group.

The steps to create and run the report are as follows.

  1. Click the Reports button.
     Report Icon.PNG
  2. Expand the Employee section on the left side of the main window.
  3. Click to select Employee Security Groups.
  4. Click Create under Report tasks on the Task Bar. This will open a new report.
  5. From the Fields section on the Task Bar click and drag the Emp Name field to the Group By Section of the main window (dark grey bar near the top).
  6. Next drag the Security Group field to the display in report section (lighter coloured bar near the top).
  7. Drag the Employee Code field to the display in report section.

report IdentifyDMUsers fields.png

  1. Click in the Totals field for Employee Code and tick the Count checkbox for both Report and Group.
    report IdentifyDMUsers Options.png
  2. Set a filter to only include the security groups which give access to Document Management (e.g. add like document* into the Filter field on the Security Group row, which will return only those security groups whose name starts with "document").
  3. Save then Run the report.

Ensure that the number of users with access to Document Management does not exceed the number of users you are licensed for. If a user is a member of more that one group with access to Document Management, they will only be counted as a single user for licensing purposes.

If the number of users does exceed your licence count you should make sure that any inactive users have been removed from security groups that allow access to Document Management. Please note that an employee whether current or ceased, has to belong to at least one security group. Therefore if you have Document Management permissions enabled  in all your security groups, we recommend you create a new group, called Redundant Users, with all permissions disabled. On cessation any user should be transferred into this group.

If following the above you still exceed the number of users you are licensed for please contact your account manager on +44 (0)844 56 18181 to arrange for a new license to be issued.


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